Sales & Management Training

Despite the old saying, “He’s a born salesman” top performing salespeople are developed, not born. Selling is a skill that can be learned, and it’s fast and easy to do so when it’s taught correctly- and that’s what we help you do.

Once your company’s sales process (i.e. “the way we do it around here”) is clearly defined, we can fine-tune a training course to teach your salespeople each step. The course may be taught online, in person, or both, but the result is the same: your managers and salespeople know exactly what they’re doing right and wrong– which is the key to driving sales higher.

In addition, we can teach your managers how to coach their salespeople on these key selling skills. It’s surprising how few companies have formal coaching programs; surprising because proper coaching has been proven to be the most effective way to improve sales performance.

Benefits of Sales Training Include:

  • Get new salespeople up to speed rapidly
  • Increase big-ticket and add-on sales
  • Give customers a consistently excellent experience
  • See a clear cut path to improving performance

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Why Customize Your Sales Training?

The steps of a sale in any business are somewhat similar, from prospecting to closing the sale. But each company has their own language (e.g. is it, “overcoming objections” or “dealing with concerns”?), as well as their own preferred methods for qualifying, etc. It’s important to teach your salespeople exactly how to sell in your company; speaking the same language and following an agreed-upon process is what makes coaching and performance measurement possible. Training Allies can help you craft a course that rapidly gets your people up to speed on your unique style of selling.