About Training Allies

Our Mission

Our mission is simple: become genuine allies to our clients; creating a diversity of superb, turnkey training resources that deliver measurable results they can see on the job.

Our Approach: Don’t “Spray & Pray”

The problem: A company rep stands before an audience, and reads to them from a series of PowerPoint slides. They contain a lengthy list of facts, features and techno-jargon about his company’s products or services. The brain-weary group is then sent back to work.

This is the traditional “spray and pray” training method: spray a bunch of information at people, and then pray that some of it is remembered and put to use. It’s not just boring… it’s wildly expensive and ineffective!

The Solution: At Training Allies, we understand the huge difference between real training and merely reciting information. As training experts, we know that it’s not just the quality of the information that ultimately helps people do their jobs better—it has to be conveyed (and reinforced) in a way that makes it easy for them to understand, and to use.

What makes us different?

We understand that different people learn in different ways. So, we use a combination of proven adult learning techniques and powerful instructional design to make sure your training effectively reaches your entire audience; helping them understand and retain the skills and knowledge that will make them better at their jobs.

Characteristics that set our training apart:

  • Simple: regardless of how technical or complex the topic, it is delivered in a simple, easy-to-understand manner that makes the learning more engaging, and connects with your audience
  • Digestible: training is broken into small digestible chunks, which is proven to greatly improve comprehension and retention—and makes it easier to learn while on the job.
  • Engaging: using a variety of elements including interactions, simulations, and more keeps learners focused and makes the learning not only effective, but enjoyable too.
  • Polished: pay attention to the smallest details, to be sure the learning is not only top notch, it also reflects the professionalism, branding, and messaging of your organization
  • Everywhere: training that’s available—not just in a formal setting, but mobile-optimized content, but also at their point of need: anytime, anywhere, on any device