What is it?

The need for information is growing, but attention spans are shrinking. That’s why the hottest trend in the training world is Microlearning—short bursts of knowledge that address a specific topic in very concise fashion.

We’ve been experts in microlearning design since long before it became a buzzword, and no one is better at teaching it quick and making it stick than Training Allies.

When information is broken into small chunks, it’s easier to access, engage, and to learn. Microlearning delivers key information in simple concise fashion.

Microlearning can be used for a variety of purposes including:

  • Learning key concepts or features quickly
  • Step by step instructions (installation, troubleshooting, and more)
  • Client-Facing Sales Presentations
  • Educational Marketing

What does microlearning look like?

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Quick Reference Tools

We’ve developed a new twist on microlearning with Quick Reference Tools or “QRTs”. A QRT is like an interactive brochure delivered via smartphone or tablet to your people on the sales floor or in the field. It might contain a short presentation on your company’s history, plain-language explanations of technologies, or it might highlight step-up (and step-down) features between products. In any case, it puts answers in your peoples’ hands… where they belong.

Knowledge at the point of need

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Quick Reference Tools