With rapid staff turnover and product cycles, it’s almost impossible to reach your trainees fast enough by doing live training alone. E-learning is the perfect complement to your existing instructor-led program.

E-learning modules are self-paced, highly interactive online courses where participants are taught key information or skills. Typically they complete exercises, as well as quizzes and knowledge assessments, to further reinforce important concepts. There is no live instructor required, so training is available 24 hours a day.

E-Learning Benefits Include:

  • Train new people quickly
  • Update your audience fast
  • Reduces the need for expensive travel
  • Easy to track participation and achievement
  • Your message and information is always presented consistently

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The Complete University

We can provide you with as many modules as are required to teach your topic(s), as well as a custom-branded learning portal to manage courses and users going forward. That forms a complete, powerful online learning system that serves your entire enterprise.